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free gay literature has 21, stories, the biggest and best free Gay Erotic Stories site with gay sex tales in categories in 28 languages. Jul 06,  · Gay Authors is a free site focused on great gay stories and a strong community of readers, writers, authors and poets. Co-written with Nico Lang. 1. Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin (Zach’s Pick). This was James Baldwin’s second novel, and probably one of his most well known pieces of works. Giovanni’s Room tells the story of a man who moves to Paris and his relationship with another man named Giovanni. This book is so important because it was one of the first to really show the complicated ways in.

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Really, fellas: would you take a novel with a shirtless guy on the cover out to the park for an afternoon read, especially if your ulterior motive is to pick up some some lovely, equally bookish gal? This is particularly true the more muscles you have, because face facts: we generally have better bodies and haircuts than you do, and if you're lying on the grass looking studly in your tank top reading gay fiction, you'll be a babe magnet, all right, but the babes will all be guys.

So consider this Top 10 list a big ol' guilt trip. Some equally irritated lesbian can do one on gay women's lit, and if she doesn't step up soon Free gay literature do it myself and incur the wrath of the Sapphics as well. I started this fight. Wanna make something of it? No shirts, no shoes, free gay literature, but most of all, no shirts.

Fighting is so much hotter without shirts. They had no choice; it would have violated the Production Code, though they do include a hint in the form of a creepy Bellevue free gay literature nurse Frank Faylen.

But that would have been beyond the pale in the late s, when murder was so much more acceptable than anal penetration and probably still is in Mississippi. Even before AIDS sent the giant disco ball crashing down, Holleran — who has the least sense of humor in all of gay literature — found a core of sadness and despair in the midst of the thumping, humping party.

Forster was quite plainly afraid of what it would do to his reputation. He was correct to be concerned. Oh, Cindy! With a mug as butt-ugly as yours, you should know better than to make such inane and superficial judgments.

I don't read your books because you're a meishkeit ; I don't read them because you're a fucking self-righteous bigot, free gay literature. In fact, Maurice is a great gay love story with a happy ending.

That free gay literature still find it hard to believe — lasting love not only between two men but between men of different classes! Buy Penguin Classics Maurice from Amazon. Mark Merlis is the greatest unsung novelist in America. His novels are purely brilliant.

American Studies is a riff on the story of F. Eric Garber leads the list of humorless gay writers, but Edmund White comes in as a close second. One reads him for the beauty of his sentences, free gay literature, their craft and their care. Steer clear of the oh-so-precious Caracole. Tough to beat that. One of them gets his head chopped off, free gay literature. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Buy Giovanni's Room from Amazon, free gay literature. All jokes aside, this is some serious lit.

Read it, and if you have a problem with the fact that its protagonist sucks cock, get over yourself, Louise. Then again, maybe someone should. You might not be so hung up.

To leave a comment Login with Facebook or create a free account. Great suggestions. I'm sorry to say I haven't read anything here, but looking free gay literature to adding some of them to my free gay literature list.

Haven't read any of these either, but I'm proud to say I've read plenty of books where dudes bang other dudes. I only read those parts through one squinty eye, though but my feelings free gay literature the free gay literature are still 'evolving, free gay literature.

I take your challenge, I have always found the Gay and Lesbian sections of the book store fraught with nothing but what would be equivalent to a romance novels.

So thanks for the suggestions, I am certainly not afraid of being turned on. I would recommend Samuel R. No gay women, no Palahniuk. Just the assumption free gay literature this community won't read certain literature based on the sexualiity of the author. Colour me unimpressed. But there it is, explicitly free gay literature the title Gay Men's Novels.

So that accounts for the lack of lesbian literature. And not every list of great novels can include Chuck Palahniuk though he would've made mine. And there we are, at the end of the article. A challenge. What can i say, when I read Forester and Vidal I didn't know they were gay, free gay literature.

I free gay literature know what country they were from, or what their favourite food was. These things can affect what meaning you read into a novel but they aren't the be all and end all.

The novel's are great because of the author, not because of the author's sexuality or race or favourite kind of sandwich. Still, I can't believe you've forgotten Wilde and even Shakespeare whom the jury keeps flip-flopping on. As a side note; Wilde is my favorite author and I happen to be straight.

Winky emoticon. That's how this is happening. I consider myself only semi-literate now, thank you very much Mr. Is it just me, or does it seem like some of the questions raised in the comments would have answered if the commenters had bothered to read the article? What's up with that? I only count nine books with blurbs. Yes, I'm neurotic and I count things.

I think you meant to include The Arrow's Flight, but you've not got free gay literature blurb for it, so I have a confusion. I'm also uncertain what you mean by "Gay Men's Fiction" - fiction written by gay men, or about gay men, or both or either? Is there really a section to book stores specifically labeled GLBT lit? OK, now that I've got my neuroses out of the way, I'll add some books that are on my own list, since I've read none of these:.

At Swim, Two Boys: A great story of young love and repressed sexuality; it has the depressive effect of a dreary winter with constant grey cloudcover and wet sidewalks. Sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, always stunning.

Their relationship is otherwise free gay literature dealt with in romantic or sexual terms, but their love and intimacy is clear and beautifully potrayed. Waugh's prose wraps around your shoulders like a warm blanket on a cold night. This is a great article. Also, a lot of these comments confuse me in a not-erotic-and-therefore-not-enjoyable kind of way I was going to read one of these books, free gay literature, until i read all the endings.

Well, I was all ready to respond, but I think I'm going to keep my mouth mostly shut for a little while and see if this goes on first. I do agree with Rob - a lot of these comments seem to have been written without the benefit of reading the piece itself.

Try reading the damn thing before dismissing it, free gay literature. It makes you look really stoopid, free gay literature. I'm sure we did read it, free gay literature. You clealy stated that we were allowed to skip the article completely and just tell you of the books you didn't include. It's right there, bright as day. So, that's what we've been doing. But, again, good question by Annie; are these books about gay men, written by gay men or some combination thereof?

Written by a gay man who was later persecuted, HEAVILY, jailed and bankrupted by a story that has heavy homosexual innuendos scattered throughout it's beautiful language.

Why are people complaining that the list doesn't include lesbian lit, when Ed very specifically said the list wouldn't include it? Free gay literature why are people clamoring for other gay authors to have been included, when the list is very clearly about gay-themed work, and not just a list of gay authors?

And, on a grand scale of the gay experience in literature, is it really a "disservice" to not include The Picture of Dorian Gray? That's a pretty strong assertion, free gay literature.

You'd think it's the gold standard of gay literature, then. Which I don't believe it is. EDIT: Because, I should add, free gay literature, your argument that the author allows the readers to skip it is sort of ridiculous, because the questions being asked are answered before that. The Picture of Dorian Gray is a novel out of many written by gay free gay literature in the last odd years.

It's not a "gay book" in any very obvious way, in any case. Also, Wayne, asking why this list doesn't include "Shakespeare" is I don't know if I can even say it. Fair enought, Rob. I was making an attempt at humor but I failed that Live and learn, I suppose. I think it really goes back to the question that Annie asked earlier which is; Is this list about gay authors, authors who have gay characters or a mixture of the both? And, free gay literature, yes, I do think it's a disservice to not include Wilde's "Gray" in this.


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We love to read but we got tired of spending hours on the internet looking for good free ebooks to read. That's why we created Freebooksy. To make it quick and easy to find those great reads. We post a free ebook at least once a day. We cover multiple genres so that there is something for ebooks are free on the day that we post them. Free Sex Stories Collection. Hungover and Horny by pdosu «First time with a man when hungover and horny» Rated %, Read times, Posted Mon 19th of . Sep 09,  · GayDemon's massive archive of gay erotic stories, here you can find thousands of free porn stories and explicit adult sex novels with a large community of talented authors, gay writers and readers from around the world. Stories are available to read online or download in several formats. New stories are added daily.