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Women empowerment is necessary for the progress of any society and Pakistan is no exception. The hurdles in the way of women empowerment in Pakistan include illiteracy, economic depravity, feudalism and misinterpretation of religion. Here is an essay on Poverty in Pakistan with the outline for students of different classes. A good student should start writing Poverty in Pakistan essay with an outline and later discuss the reasons behind it and should end up with the solutions to deal with the reasons of this problem. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © Worldatlas on Facebook.

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Here is an essay on Poverty in Pakistan with the outline for students of different classes. A good student should start writing Poverty in Pakistan essay with an outline and later discuss the reasons behind it and should end up with the solutions to deal with the reasons of this pakistan outline. Pakistan is a poor and underdeveloped country.

Most of its population lives in entirely adverse circumstances. Some reports reveal pakistan outline more than forty percent population of Pakistan live below the line of poverty. The average income pakistan outline a poor Pakistani is less than two dollars. A large number of people in our country do not have a proper place to live.

This miserable condition has given birth to a large number of beggars and needy people, who live on the charity of the rich people. The economic condition of an average individual is very pathetic. Poverty, hunger and unemployment afflict a large section of the population.

Firstly: We are facing a population explosion, pakistan outline. There are more mouths to feed than there are hands to earn. One member of the family has to feed and support a large family.

His income is limited. He cannot afford to maintain a large family. He works hard and consequently, he falls ill and dies. Then his wife steps in, work in village field or city homes to bring up her children. This cycle of poverty goes on. A poor remains poor the whole of his life. The main cause of poverty in Pakistan lies in the difference between the resources and the pakistan outline increase. Secondly: Most of the people pakistan outline Pakistan are uneducated.

They are ill-equipped to lead a good life. They do not know the modern methods of farming. They are ignorant to better ways of earning money in the mills and factories. With poor knowledge of life, they cannot increase production in mills and factories. Modern machinery is mostly computerized. An uneducated person cannot understand and operate the computer. How can he add to his income? The result is that he remains poor till the last moment of his life.

It is very sad that rulers do not educate the workers. The workers do pakistan outline get a chance to earn more money, pakistan outline. Thirdly: Our economic system is based on feudalism.

A big landlord keeps the small farmers and workers under his political slavery. This system does not allow the children of a poor farmer to get the education and find good jobs. Higher education is open only to the children of big landlords and sardars, pakistan outline. The economic condition of the small farmers and workers cannot become better in the presence of feudal lords i. Fourthly: Pakistan is a country where there is no social, cultural and economic justice.

The rich people in Pakistan are becoming mere rich, pakistan outline, while the poor are becoming more poor. The economic disparity between the rich and the poor has eaten the very vitals of society. Fifthly: Poverty in Pakistan exists due to Scarcity of jobs in the public and government sector, pakistan outline. Our rulers are not responsible, dedicated and missionary.

They failed to build new dams, a network of industry and roads in the country. The shortage of electricity and gas has resulted in the lock up of mills and factories. New factories were not set up pakistan outline the past. The result is that our uneducated worker remains unemployed. The educated people have degrees, but they do not have opportunities to get a job.

Many countries in the world have solved this problem. Pakistan too can solve the problem by adopting pakistan outline following measures.

The rulers of Pakistan must discard their lavish way of living. They must lead a life of a common and hardworking person. This will go a long way to pakistan outline. The population explosion must be controlled. People should be educated and guided to produce a small number of children, pakistan outline. More industries, mills and factories should be set up to provide jobs to the workers and Small farmers.

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